Building a creative hub from the ruins of an old school
In 2020 we started renovating a dilapidated historical school building in Kokava nad Rimavicou. Our goal is to repurpose it as a creative and education hub.
A region abandoned by the industry
Kokava nad Rimavicou is a small village in central Slovakia known historically for its logging and wood processing industries. In the 17th and 18th century, it was home to the second largest paper mill in Slovakia. The turn of the 19th century brought about the advent of glass working to the region, a tradition that continued into the 20th century and helped shape the area's cultural and economical life. While the region is still known for its glasswork, the production itself stopped in 1989, plunging Kokava nad Rimavicou into poverty and making it one of the regions with the highest unemployment rate in Slovakia.
A run-down historical building
The Kokava school has been in use as an educational institution from its founding in 1913 until the year 1990. It housed a Volksschule, a Stadtschule, an agricultural school, a forestry school, and even an institution for forestry and water management workers of Slovakia. The year 1990 marked its transition into private property and, failing to find a new purpose, the building has gradually fallen into disrepair over the following decades.
Bringing new life and purpose to an old school building
We have personal ties to both the region and the school building itself, so we decided to save it. In 2020 we initiated a sensitive renovation to give the school a new life, and thereby offer the region a new cultural and educational dimension.

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